Saturday, November 12, 2005

End of Pre-residency


Today is the last day of my Advanced Cardiac Life Support course, a prerequisite to my entrance into a new training program. I am so ready to go home.

Someday my book will say, "A month and P25,000 later, Carl left the big city with ACLS training, but still no job."

I still have to work on that medical clearance thing... hay naku...

Oh well, I guess reading Tintinalli can wait :)

After three years and many droplets of sweat later, I retired my old pair of glasses and bought a new one. Post-haste, I might add, because I had bent the poor thing out of shape already...

Those glasses have witnessed a lot of things: codes, ORs, even pulling out chest tubes out of TB patients. Ugh.

Also witness to a lot of arrogance, shame, and in the end, resignation.


"Let's do the shocking thing!" [During defibrillation]

[On pulling one's tongue as a vasovagal maneuver:]
"What is on this slide? [pause] Really? I didn't know about that... but, okay, if it says so..."

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