Sunday, October 09, 2005

Why Our Doctors Leave (2)

Do you guys notice how our profession of being a doctor is not the way it used to be 3-4 decades ago ? You can't even afford to support your family nowadays. kasi the tide has shifted to the occupation. Buti pa ang mga namamasukan sa opisina, may stable na samantala ang doctor, kung walang pasyente, walang pangkain. So at the present, occupation wins over profession. Dati kasi ang profession lords over occupation...Kaya heto..nadi-disillusion ang magulang ko na hanggang ngayon, umuutang pa ako ng pang-grocery...Kasi nung panahon nila ang doctor ay nakakapagtayo ng grocery...Haayyy. Bakit nga ba ito napili kong profession. Dapat talaga nag-showbiz na lang ako...
Enough said. Don't take it from me.
Senator Ralph Recto is a genius!

In this Inquirer article, he proposes a type of compulsory bond, very much like Singapore, for medical students. In return for the money spent by government training them, they are required to stay in the Philippines and serve the people.

No, wait, I've heard of that before, from the best College of Medicine in the Philippines - it's called a Regionalization Contract.

Besides, I've heard that it doesn't work. Doctors will endure the extra drudgery. They may even welcome it if the pay is reasonable (read: comparable to working at a call center). After the bond is complete, they can always apply outside the country, with their government experience an asset in their resumes.

Think about it.

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