Thursday, October 06, 2005

Why Our Doctors Leave (1)

I may add more posts like this. I hope against hope that this is the last post of this kind.

I saw my Friendster today and my sis Franz Marie's blog was updated. She writes better than I do, probably because of the private school system. Hehehe. So I linked her blog.

She writes about her Ophthalmology residency application in danger of being denied because of the basest of reasons. Read below.

I had my interview with the chair of Ophtha this morning. He said, "Big problem, you're rank #1 but you flunked the psych exam." I got a "NOT RECOMMENDED" rating from our psych examineer. My personality it seems did not fit the profession.

We took the psych exam some 2 weeks ago. It consisted of 4 parts. From the thematic portion of the exam, wherein we were asked to write a 3/4 of a bond paper length short story each about 4 pictures, my results showed that it seemd my interest/talent is in Journalism. And that there was vagueness in my plans in life and career, ergo, whether I should really pursue Ophtha vs Journalism as a career -- DUH?!?!

Okay. I think it would have been critical for Psychiatrists- and Anesthesiologists-to-be to pass this sort of examination, but come on! I wouldn't expect my Ophthalmologist to do something stupid because he is emotionally unbalanced.

Hay naku. And people ask about the "brain drain". Keeping bright people out of deserving positions by arcane means is not the best way to motivate young doctors to stay in this country.
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