Sunday, October 09, 2005


I have been preoccupied with Mortal Kombat II for the past two weeks. Have always enjoyed playing this game, from the time I started playing at Linda's Computer House at Toting Reyes St.

Fanta bottle in hand, with a slight drizzle outside, and some anonymous people watching you play behind your back...

I started playing the Sega Genesis version, but with the advent of new technology :D am now benefitting from the superior sound and animation of the 32X version. Besides, sometimes the animation stops, and it's weird seeing your enemy seemingly flying from an uppercut when you apparently haven't done anything.

So here I am, balancing the furies, after sparing Sub Zero (actually his brother) his life. My ending says that I get to prepare for a third tournament. Sorry, but 10 years later, this is still the best MK version for me.

For those who have Fusion, try FFB99B:0078. I have always maintained that I only cheat in games.

This is a screen capture from my game, and I can give you another image if you want. Hehehe.

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