Thursday, October 27, 2005

Pre-residency (5)

"Don't mix politics with public service."

If you think about it, why is this so hard for our leaders to do?

Along with my other batchmates, we went to the Association of Philippine Volunteer Fire Brigades. This organization proves that people are willing to put up better alternatives to government service if pushed to a wall. So, instead of relying on underpaid government hangers-on, who will ask money before spraying water over a fire, they do it themselves with efficiency and integrity.

I'm beginning to integrate into my new career path. It is a challenge to prove yourself when colleagues from other, more traditional professions look down on you like you're some kind of
  • glorified intern
  • finger pointer
  • gatekeeper, etc.
I wish that, four years from now, I would look at this blog and say (or better yet, write) that I made the right decision.

Now if only I had some good news from my medical examination. I knew that pulling out all those chest tubes from those effusion patients would come back to haunt me someday...

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