Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Pre-residency (4)

Conditions have improved somewhat. But only because some of my companions are away most of the time. And I have completed my obligation to my brotherhood.

I don't have to compare what I'm doing, or what I'm supposed to do, with what other people are doing. Sound advice from my seniors regarding the choice of specialty.

Without giving anything away, I was elected as an officer for an organization that I'm supposed to join on January 1. Implication is that there is no escape for me. If I wanted to escape, that is.

I am starving for information. Having no access to even basic TV, forced to go to internet cafes for my blogging fix, and busy with pre-residency, I experience indifference to the events happening to the world.

At least I still have my trusty mobile phone to update myself with family, friends, and especially Joy.

My reason in resigning has some people talking about similar stories. Of lack of opportunities in the Philippines. Of the difficulties in being a doctor today. Of the necessity of becoming an MD-RN.

Don't despair, there is a third pathway. Less appreciated, but if it fits with your career and financial goals then I urge you to take the same road with me.

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