Saturday, October 22, 2005

Pre-residency (3)

Off day for me today.

I never felt any superiority complex or arrogance from my new bosses today. Well, at least in comparison to my old ones. If there are any harsh words, it is traceable to the innate stress of the specialty.

Convention is finished, but not without flourish.

During a lecture on "The Difficult Patient", someone asks (at length) about a supposedly psychiatric case he had to transport to the hospital, and why:
  • he and the companions were interviewed about the patient, and
  • the patient, after apparently feigning "normalcy", was released without treatment.
The most logical answers are:
  • psychiatric patients should have a history, and usually given by two or more informants;
  • the MD manning the ER may not be qualified to treat schizophrenia or lacks the information to do so effectively. Antipsychotic drugs are controlled substances and maybe he didn't have an S2 licence to prescribe.
Amid all the laughter and the incredulous stares that guy received, one would wonder why a supposedly trained medical professional still has these apprehensions?

Haven't written about this, but I guess the novenas for the Mother of Perpetual Help are fundamentally the same but different in execution. I am talking about the St. Clement's one, from Iloilo City, being compared to the one used in the National Shrine for the Mother of Perpetual help in Baclaran.

No real complaints here, it just seems so... different. Yet the same feeling of release, contentment, and guidance from above is there when you finish a novena prayer.

Met my "batchmates" today. Aside from the fact that they are all girls, they seem to be older than I am. Of course you don't ask a lady her age. Friendly and without pretenses. Hope they still are like this under pressure.

It's going to be a good residency for me, only if none of them resign.

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