Wednesday, October 12, 2005

NBI Clearance

I had to wait for 10 days to get my NBI clearance, only to be held up today for almost an hour. Yes, I know, it's not proper for me to complain about these things; we're in the Philippines, and didn't I attend the University ng Pila for 8 years?
  • It was a renewal of an expiring NBI clearance. I have no derogatory record or anything.
  • They held me up because I had a suspicious entry on my record - that of passing the DOST SEI exam and being eligible for a scholarship
  • On another entry, and dated 2002, I was actually cleared of any accountability to the SEI program. True, because I did not avail of the scholarship in the first place.
With all due respect, it really is SOP for them to see if I am accountable for anything under DOST-SEI...
After signing the Scholarship Agreement, the awardee’s name shall be included in the lists of scholars needing clearance from DOST-SEI forwarded to the Department of Foreign Affairs, National Bureau of Investigation and Bureau of Immigration.

Upon completion of his/her course, an awardee shall serve in the country preferably in his/her home region on full time basis along his/her field of training for a minimum period equivalent to the length of time he/she enjoyed this scholarship.
  • Isn't 10 days of waiting enough? I mean, most applicants get their clearances (even first-timers) in a day
  • It was a renewal, for crying out loud.
I wouldn't be this particular if I didn't need the clearance ASAP... buti sana if I was working in a call center instead. One day processing of applications!
Sergio Cao, UP Diliman Chancellor, in his investiture speech, said that there is a certain something that draws him back to UP Diliman, and for some of us, the UP System:
Maraming dahilan kung bakit nananatili tayo dito sa UP Diliman; ang ilan sa mga ito ay tinatawag na “psychic income.” Halimbawa, matatalino ang ating mga estudyante, marunong manaliksik, marunong maghanap at gumawa ng paraan kung kailangan; mga estudyanteng sanay sa pagpuna hindi lamang para maturingang “kritikal” kung hindi may pag-iisip na “analitikal,” nagtatanong, sumusuri. Sila ang dahilan kung bakit nananatiling bata ang mga gurong matagal nang namamalagi sa UP.
Nothing could be farther from the truth.

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