Friday, October 14, 2005

Face The Music

From this forum post, a plea for help:
Anyway, Just last 2 days ago my boyfriend and I went more intimate than usual. We were alone at his apartment and the temptation was to high we weren’t able to resist. Anyway to make it short we, we had our first sexual encounter. We never went all the way meaning there were no penetration, it was just foreplay, though it went a little too far coz we stripped off our clothes while doing the act (though I see to it that if one of us is naked the other one is clothed at least below the waist). However, in one instance we got carried away and stripped off our clothes and rub our genitalia (though it just took us 5-10 mins.) Now, I’m getting paranoid coz I kept on thinking that I would get pregnant because of what happened. My bf keep on comforting me that nothing will happen coz he already had his discharged way before the rubbing incident. The thing is I’m getting crazy coz I’m thinking that it might happened that there was excess fluid that might had entered my vagina. Yup I’m still virgin because there was no penetration but from what I’ve read it can still happen that one can get pregnant even without penetration (though I’m thinking if it is also true if you’re still virgin). Other thing is, currently (after 2 days from the incident) I’m feeling really bad. I’m experiencing severe headache, stomach pain and vomiting at times. Such physical manifestation, worsen my paranoia. Is the physical manifestation of getting pregnant happens prior your menstrual cycle elapsed? Or it is visible even prior getting delayed. Pls. Try to help me here. Thanks.
Now, we could talk about how irresponsible these people are, or how lacking sexual education is in our schools.

On the other hand, we could just laugh at her disjointed English, her paranoia (sure, Daddy will kill her if he knew the things she does when she's at her boyfriend's house), and the certain probability that this will happen again. Next time she wouldn't be so lucky.

It strikes me that people are not more confident in facing the consequences of their actions. Cheat on a medical school exam, and a patient may die in the future due to your incompetence. Cheat in the elections... well, you know what I should mean. Doing something stupid like having sex before thinking of what to feed your offspring is a heinous crime and should be treated as a minor form of economic sabotage.

And for my unsolicited medical opinion? She's lucky this time. Her txtspeak English, on the other hand, may need some help. And do stop rubbing each other; you're just prolonging the agony.

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