Saturday, October 15, 2005

Doctors as nurses

The Inquirer today has an editorial basically frowning over the hullabaloo being raised by some sectors about MD-RNs. I myself am far away from taking that route, but who knows. It really is unfair for those only wanting the best for their families, and the security and stability in other countries may be the only option left for them.
We cannot gloss over the threat posed by the brain drain to Philippine public health, of course. We are sure that the naysayers are compelled by the same concern when they raise arguments against doctors switching to nursing. But the brain drain is an economic phenomenon that could be addressed by economic measures such as reforming the medical system, improving the citizens' access to quality health care, and mandating that graduates of state colleges and universities practice in the public health system for a certain number of years.
As for nurses threatened by the MD-RNs, this post could not have said it better:
As for the Nursing student who is worried about competition from MD-RN's, she is indeed very young and naive. There are thousands of available Nursing jobs out there overseas. Even if all the MD's become nurses in the phil., there are enough positions that go unfilled. The NCLEX exam is not curved, so you just have to pass it and you can have a job. The reason a lot of Nurses are not passing our local Boards is because of substandard schools proliferating and not because of MD-RN's.
Crab mentality, anyone?
Another not-so-positive trait related to pakikisama is the so-called crab mentality, based on the image of those crabs trying desperately to claw their way out of that wicker basket on the beach. Whenever one of the poor little bastards almost gets to the top, the others reach up and pull him right back in, until they all end up as crab cakes. Because of the supreme allegiance to group norms, goals are often set too low, particularly in teams, with the lowest common denominator always clearly in focus.

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