Sunday, October 02, 2005

Busy as a(n)... employed person?

To disappoint the two people who are reading this blog, I won't be updating as much for the next weeks. It would have been nice to say that, yes, I am returning to work (for my alma mater) after a hiatus. But things are not as well defined as they have been three months ago, so I may need some more time to sort things out.

During the interim, I will read a book containing 20 of the best speeches from Filipino speakers (incidentally in English); I will rediscover the happiness from emulators and games I played years ago; I will spend some quality time with my girlfriend, the incomparable Joy S.; and I may do something irrational and update my Personal Data Sheet.

Do not worry, if something strikes my fancy and time permits, I will still write for the improvement of human culture, or at the very least, improve my writing.

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