Sunday, October 16, 2005

Away... Will be back soon!

In a few hours I will be returning to Manila. A lot of questions unanswered: where to stay, what to do. I guess this journey cannot be considered a junket; rather, something more akin to Final Fantasy.

Not as a fantasy tale. For those aware, when Square Co. Ltd. created Final Fantasy, they were preparing for the possibility that this game may very well be their last; make or break kumbaga.
All of Square's resources, dreams, and hopes were placed on this single game. If it failed, Square would be no more. The project, as Square's final gasp, was given the name "Final Fantasy."
This trip is in many ways like that. Sacrificing my comfort zone in Iloilo City, where I know a soft bed in an airconditioned room waits for me, where I needn't worry about food or transportation - that is a minor challenge. But I need to sacrifice these little comforts for the promise of a better, more secure future.

I also will ask Joy to make a sacrifice, to bear the physical distance. I will do the same for our fledgling relationship. It kills me to do this, but I know and you know too that this is the way to a better life. For both of us, God willing.

Working in a hospital again after a long time with 24-hour duties and in a stressful environment, again, would be as you'd expect. Long hours without sleep, decent food, and at the front lines.

I may update this blog sometime, when I have settled in. Don't worry, if this expedition doesn't fall through, friends will always know that I have a back-up plan everytime. If it's a monumental failure, then there's always something somewhere; at least you can say that you have tried your best.

And if it becomes a success, like present-day Square Enix, then the promise of a better tomorrow will be fulfilled.

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