Friday, September 16, 2005

Top Ten List

Found a very nice blog today, and Angry Doctor is linked. Some of the most superb writing I have ever seen in a while. Methinks I'll write about these encounters when I get to the ER. Hehehe. But (without permission, mind you), I am going to directly quote the best post, and add my comments para naman di kayo ma-lost.
On second thought, I'll just "fix" the list. Kasi yung iba, di talaga kayo makaka-relate.
Stories your ER doctor is going to hear (Heard all of them already - during my internship)

10. But I watch my diet very carefully, and I exercise every day! For about 6 months after the chest pain started.

9. I wanted to have just one more piece of that *insert native sweet here*, and then I felt sleepy.

8. I’ve been taking the medicines religiously everyday, but it was expensive and I shifted to *insert random "dietary supplement" here* for my diabetes.

7. I was going at less than 50 kmh. And the other car/bus/truck/bike sideswiped me.

6. My teacher/boss told me I could go home, but I should still come and get a medical certificate. I was sickj since Thursday. (It's Saturday afternoon.)

5. I fell down and hit my elbow against the floor. Two weeks ago.

4. But the previous doctors always gave me sleeping pills! And let me stay in the ER overnight!

3. I didn't know he had that. He's been with us for only 4 months.

2. I cannot possibly be pregnant. (Or, teenager's mom says, "She can't be pregnant!")

I'm not drunk. I only had one beer. Or maybe two.
Am going to Kalibo today. Also added I Hate The World...
Will go about changing the template... it seems I cannot add comments to my posts. Is that a good thing or a bad?
Miss my Joy S.

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