Thursday, September 22, 2005

Random - Sept 22

Just haven't updated lately. I didn't want this to be a medical blog or anything. So I'll just mention random snippets of my life like the other blogs. So the title is a placeholder.

Got Megaman Zero 4 and finished it with some cheating. If I didn't cheat I would still be playing it. Good game for the GBA.

Got some NSF files of Famicompo submissions. Nice tracks considering that they used hardware more than 20 years old. But my favorite is still Bubbleman's theme from Megaman 2. Also finished Rygar on the NES with some cheating. Hehe.

Received a letter, confirming that I would have a return trip to Manila and that my profile would be changed soon. When that happens, I'll be posting some anecdotes on the job, and wasting a lot of money in the process (in internet cafe bills). But hey, anything to further increase the knowledge of humanity.

In three years' time I would be writing new doctors to go to Manila and invite them to a program.

Also read my brod Broli's Guide to the Philippine Physician Licensure Exam, or something like that. Excellent read, although he is right in saying that the licensure exam is more of guesswork than anything else.

In a recent posting at they lamented the question involving Ramses V. Now that is a reassurance that you don't know everything as a doctor.

Less hyperlinks now, I'll embrace the philosophy of "Google is your friend." That is why I have a search bar on my sidebar.

Michelle P., /whois will always betray your multiple instances of mIRC. One and the same.

The readership of my blog is increasing yet they do not know how to comment.

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