Sunday, September 25, 2005

Pinoy Big Brother???

Since everybody is watching it, and the only idea I had of it was the controversial 24-hour UK satellite channel beaming live pictures from the house, I decided to go and do a little research...

Google is your friend, and so Wikipedia has been a comprehensive source of information. For those of you too lazy to click the link, here are some interesting facts:
  • Originally shown in the Netherlands in September 1999
  • Although the main show, typically broadcast daily with a weekly roundup, is by necessity heavily edited, viewers can also watch a continuous, 24-hour feed from multiple cameras on the web. These websites were highly successful, even after some national series started charging for access to the video stream. In some countries, the Internet broadcasting was supplemented by updates via email, WAP and SMS. The house is even shown live on satellite television (with a 10-15 minute delay to permit muting of unacceptable content in the UK).
  • Some versions have been filled with sex-crazed housemates
  • One interesting development is that German scientists have discovered that former Big Brother contestants may be at risk from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, a condition sometimes suffered by those who leave the armed forces. Indeed, in the second Polish edition, one of the housemates was taken to a psychiatric hospital, and the winner of the first season in Portugal, tried to kill himself several times.
  • Middle East Big Brother - Filmed in Amwaj Island in Bahrain. Discontinued after 10 days because of religious protests. (BBC link)
As from the creator of the show itself, Endemol, " 'Big Brother' is a format with a wide range of applications including internet exploitation and programme spin-offs." In Tagalog, gatasan na naman ang mga Pinoy...

Personally, I would only change my opinion of the show if I am part of it. Seriously.

I was partly right about the satellite channel, wrong about its origins, and I think I've dealt with more than what they are showing on TV.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder from some violation of privacy? How about barugan? Or Medicine Ward endorsements?

Pinoy Big Brother? Bring it on. Just let me finish EM.

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