Monday, September 12, 2005

Personal Prophesy

Yesterday, my mother had my fortune taken. I didn't know how she (the manghuhula) did it even without my presence. I guess I'll have to buy this book so that I can make money out of guessing other people's destinies.
I was visiting my fave blog sites today and this blog, although with its incoherent Singlish and expletives in Chinese, is an enjoyable read. If you're drunk and jobless. (NB I can be both but I can't be drunk while typing on the PC, baka masira, I can't play my emulators)
Oil price going to be high!Mosquito is going to make more people got dengue!Bush help the rich white people never help the poor black people in New Or-lian!NO! The newspaper reporter manager say. This is not importantnews. This guy who complain about a f**king blog is more important news.
Random snippet from the venerable Friendster Bulletin Board:
My love for you is real that my heart says dub, dub, dub...

Okay, my heart says lub-dub about 80 times a minute, so my love isn't real?
Hmm, I kinda like the last post... methinks I'll distinguish myself with random Friendster Bulletin Board snippets and my reactions therein. Para dumami na naman ang kalaban ko. Hehehe just kidding.

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