Wednesday, September 28, 2005

PBB: Why am I not surprised?

Aside from their annoying updates before I shift channels to watch Ratsada not piquing my interest, the mighty MTRCB (vanguard of proper conduct in media) has asked ABS-CBN to "review" the concept of Pinoy Big Brother.

CENSORS CHIEF MARISSA LAGUARDIA SAID ABS-CBN’s controversial reality show, “Pinoy Big Brother,” offended the sensibility of “some viewers.”

In a phone interview, Laguardia told Inquirer Entertainment that, while younger audiences might relate to the “new concept” that the network introduced through the program, the more conservative sectors find it less acceptable.

Thus, the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board instructed ABS-CBN on Monday to “create forums” and invite “moralists, liberals and network representatives” to further discuss the concept.


“The network should also be more sensitive,” said Laguardia. “It should first try to understand the way its audience thinks.”


She explained: “Although this is a reality show, things that are private should be kept private. Not all viewers could readily embrace such a concept. The network should compromise (with viewers). Instead of airing activities in the bedroom, why not air activities in the living room?”

Yeah, let's also not air the stupid grandstanding of congressmen in the impeachment, or the seven (not six, but seven) news articles about winning the Miss International pageant (24 Oras). I lost my national pride by the fourth story.

And how about the gory uncensored shots of dead, mutilated, murdered people in Ratsada? Or TV Patrol Iloilo? Sige nga...

I am not on the side of PBB (because I think it is a pointless exercise for lesser mortals), I am on the side of fairness and equality in treating all the bullshit in media. Either revert to Martial Law-type controls or show that crap on television.
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