Saturday, September 17, 2005

Panay Ikot

Returned from criss-crossing Panay Island... so, traveling 300 kilometers in two days isn't so bad.
  • Most of the 300 km were scenes straight from Planting Rice.
  • Dogs will be so accustomed to speeding vehicles (running at 100 kph) that they will step aside just barely for the cars to miss them.
  • 100-watt fog lamps are necessary.
  • If you don't plan for your trip, you'll have an empty stomach and a full bladder in the middle of the 50-km stretch of road with no decent CR or restaurant.
  • Kudos to F.F. Cruz (the contractor for that long stretch of road from Antique to Aklan), with their seamless use of cement to create roads that are smooth. And for taking the time to maintain the highway. Wake up, Aklanon Congressman and Governor!
My friend emailed me personally (while on trip) and complained about my preference for Singaporean blogs, especially noting that I am a frustrated OFW. "Trying to be like them is not typically you," he muses. Also, references to the Singaporean standard of English were made. No, they are better at English - well, at least those who blog are.

Ok. I get your point. Show me alternatives and I'll gladly place them on the link list. Show these Singaporeans that we Filipinos (or at least some of us) are better than the domestic workers that we are typically portrayed.
Will be in Manila soon, so my prolific output is expected to drop to zero soon. :)

No links today. Haven't traveled that much in 2 days since travelling to South Cotabato. Hehehe.

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