Sunday, September 25, 2005

Oysters fight back?

I love oysters. Man, do I love them. And not in the sick manner that surgeons discuss things during their procedures... but I digress.

My fave place is Tibs Rock where they serve the tastiest oysters in town.

I could eat through two, no, three small baskets of oysters in a good day.

Now why am I being open about my culinary preferences all of a sudden? Because I am a nice person, who loves oysters. And I hate food who fight back.

My friend Ayn, a smarter person, had her right thumb lacerated by a belligerent oyster.

Normally blogs from Friendster are far removed from my usual fare of Singaporean and Malaysian medical blogs (go figure) but the compelling mix of oysters and a laceration... I just couldn't resist.

Besides, I wince at the thought of having my hands lacerated. I guess I just love my two game-playing hands too much.

No sense in joining Pinoy Big Brother if you don't have maximum use of your hands di ba?

Ayn, good student, you deserve to have your blog linked. :)

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