Thursday, September 01, 2005

After the Junket

Congratulations to my two high school classmates Elizar Taplac and IV Villanueva and to my brods Cuns (5th place), Richmond, Tinggoy, Dennis, Jason, Alduz, Henry, Berde, Dess, Ivan, Hugs, Jerome, and other brods for passing the Physician Licensure Exam last August 2005. Now the hard part begins.


As for my trip to Manila, it was somewhat interesting. Delays meant that I spent most of my time at sea. It was not helpful that Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo declared Monday a holiday on SUNDAY. After all, Monday is the only day I had to do my business.

I'd like to thank Dr. Ted Herbosa and Dr. Concepcion, as well as Dr. Charlie Gundran, Dr. Guerrero and Dr. Samson for accommodating me even though it was technically a non-working holiday. And the ADHO staff for understanding and giving me forms even after the deadline.

Many thanks go to my childhood best friend, Mark, for letting me stay in his house for two days without compensation, plus free food and drinks, XBox sessions, and that damned Katamari Damacy game. I swear when all of this has been sorted out, I'll buy myself a PS2 and import a copy of that game, just like Mark.

Thanks also to my sister for arranging all the paperwork while I was away. And for accompanying me to Prof. Esguerra's treat at the Korean Village. People, this is truly the best Korean restaurant in town.

Next time I'll post about my experiences on the San Ezekiel Moreno and the St. Peter the Apostle. Yes sir, the Tabo rises again.

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