Sunday, September 04, 2005

About my Junket

It really is nice pala to ride a boat to Manila. Having been prevented for the past 10 years to do so, I relented and convinced my parents to let me ride on the San Ezekiel Moreno and the St. Peter the Apostle. It's not really the Ritz Carlton. But there are edible meals, enough space to escape countless characters or to meet up and pretend you're a big shot. Since I was not of the latter persuasion, I did escape:

  • the probinsiyano who is coming to Manila for the first time (no, your thick accent gives you away)
  • the unruly children who manage to run around the vessel, oblivious to the danger
  • the occasional female, the type you won't bring home to mother

So I spent most of my trip either asleep, eating expensive canteen food, or arranging my papers to apply here. Of course my trip included side trips to

  • The Korean Village for a nice meal with my sister, courtesy of Prof. Esguerra, with a nghtcap at some coffee shop inside Pan Pacific Hotel
  • Pagkalma Park for some pusoy dos action

I will be back soon, if everything goes well. A small sacrifice I guess. Di ba, Joy?

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