Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Random Websites

Nothing else to do... no letters yet from people...

Anyway I found this thread from pinoy.md (an interesting read sometimes), and this post took the words right out of my mouth.

Residency/fellowship training should be considered as more than a training stint but also as a job wherein the the pre-resident/pre-fellow doctor shouldn't have to worry how to support his/her family or ask the parents to help them financially if he/she decides to go into further training. Consequently, this means higher pay, better benefits

*As a side note, most dedicated doctors marry late in their lives because of the financial question. Those who marry just in time postpone having children because of the same question. Kaya puro high risk pregnancy pag female doctor ka. At pag nagkaroon ka naman ng anak, di maintindihan kung ang tatawag sa iyo ay "daddy" or "lolo" pagdating ng panahon. Another thing, kung nagloko ang anak mo in their 20's, ano pang magagawa ng 50-60 yr old parent?
And a counter-point is this website which offers a tempting hassle-free job placement package... for a price.

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