Sunday, August 21, 2005

Doctors aren't rich...

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Three Classes of Doctors
By Paul O. Bisnar, M.D.

On the latest accounting of the Department of Health in 2000, there are 95, 016 physicians registered. The population of doctors are subdivided into 3 income classes.

Class A or High Income Doctors:

They are the rich and elite doctors who earn Php 100,000 or more per month. They are the prominent consultants, owner of a secondary or tertiary hospital, stock holders of medical institutions, medical insurance or HMOs, leaders of medical societies and organizations, healthcare businessmen, administrators of prominent medical schools, and high government officials.

Class B or Middle Income Doctors:

They are the average consultants who owns a clinic and with a handful followers of patients. They are the usual consultants seen in the provinces and rural areas. They are the doctors who earn Php 30,000 - less than Php 100,000 a month.

Class C or Low Income Doctors:

Majority of doctors belong to this class. They are the workhorse of the health system. They are the private general practitioners, rural doctors, government doctors who only rely on their meager salary, academicians, researchers and scientist. They are doctors who earn less than Php 30,000 a month.

The bulk of doctors who shifted to nursing profession belong to Class C. Their primary motive is to earn more money in the First-World countries. Financial freedom will help their family to survive this current economic crisis. By wearing nursing caps, they can now reach the same earning power of the Class A doctors.

See? I told you so... I should have just taken an easier course with less aggravation :)

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